Tara K Casting (formerly known as TDCC) was founded by Tara Klassen in 2015 in Luxembourg. We provide casting and coaching services for companies producing films, theatre,  commercials, voice-overs and corporate events .
We provide actors, dancers, singers, special extras (silhouettes) and extras for your project.
We also provide on-set support for management of the extras and crowd AD assistance. 
Tara Klassen also provides coaching for actors for characters and accents in English, as well as being able to provide medical advisory services for director and actor, due to her extensive intensive care nursing background.
Tara can also be hired as on-set medic.
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I recently had the honour of being 'introduced' on RTL today. I had a lot of fun doing my interview with Steps (Steven Lowe) and his camera man JJ. Thank you so much!

If you would like to watch the piece, it is here: 


Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing a delightful and quirky woman named Josephine in the French film Deux for Tarantula!  It was rather comical to the extras that I know to hear me speak French with my silly Canadian accent, and one of them snapped this photo for me :)

I got to cast for a fabulous new awareness campaign for Plooschterprojet, an ASBL started by a survivor of Leukaemia who wants to raise awareness for others who may have the same fate. 

Have a look at the results!

It is an exciting time in Luxembourg for the many English speaking expats living here, as RTL today has started providing news content in English. I had the pleasure of casting for the new media campaign for them.

Click on the link below to have a look :)


Last winter I did a commercial with two of my sons. We had a lot of fun working with That Lot Creatives, a production company from the UK, and I loved getting to work with my lovely boys, who behaved like little professionals all day long :)

...and the kids were cast by yours truly. I had a lovely time working with all the great kids who acted and did voiceovers for this project, though I ended up being deathly ill during most of the shoot and tried in vain to drag myself around from set to set, hacking up a lung until it was determined that I was better off in bed getting well. Hats off to Raoul at SKIN on his great work!

You can watch them all on the main page of the website - https://www.mengschoul.lu.

I am so excited to see the avant premiere of Justice dot net tonight! I had a small role in this cool film, playing the mayor of Montreal. It starts playing in Kinepolis on June 13, so go check it out!

Click on the video below to see the trailer: 

Near the end of 2017 I got to cast my first TV series - not just any TV series, though - a Luxembourgish TV series. It was a fun and sometimes complicated process - fun to work with so many of our local talents, but complicated as I tried to work in a language that I am still learning. But it was great practice for me since I am working towards becoming a citizen of this tiny Duchy, and I need the practice speaking Luxembourgish!

You can read more about the show here: 


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