Tara K Casting (formerly known as TDCC) was founded by Tara Klassen in 2015 in Luxembourg. We provide casting and coaching services for companies producing films, theatre,  commercials, voice-overs and corporate events .
We provide actors, dancers, singers, special extras (silhouettes) and extras for your project.
We also provide on-set support for management of the extras and crowd AD assistance. 
Tara Klassen also provides coaching for actors for characters and accents in English, as well as being able to provide medical advisory services for director and actor, due to her extensive intensive care nursing background.
Tara can also be hired as on-set medic.
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The day after finishing 1001 Leben I jumped into the next Tarantula project, this time a Pakistani-French film.  It is a beautiful tragic love story set in Belgium, and I am really excited to get to work on it! 

If you can speak Urdu and French, and would like to audition for a role, contact me!  Currently I am searching for the following characters:

1. ALI FAHRAD - 45-55 year old Pakistani father

2. RANIA SAFDAR - 40-50 year old Pakistani mother

3. MAARYAM FAHRAD - 20-30 year old Pakistani woman

You can find out more about the film here: http://tarantula.lu/film/pour-vivre-heureux/

After a successful few months of work, Tara Donnell Casting and Coaching has wrapped their work on 1001 Leben (previously Raqs). It was a great film to work on with a fantastic crew and cast!  Here are just a few photos of the fabulous extras!

You can see more about the film here: 


I recently had fun casting a beer commercial for Bofferding, a Luxembourgish beer company - have a look!

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