Tara K Casting (formerly known as TDCC) was founded by Tara Klassen in 2015 in Luxembourg. We provide casting and coaching services for companies producing films, theatre,  commercials, voice-overs and corporate events .
We provide actors, dancers, singers, special extras (silhouettes) and extras for your project.
We also provide on-set support for management of the extras and crowd AD assistance. 
Tara Klassen also provides coaching for actors for characters and accents in English, as well as being able to provide medical advisory services for director and actor, due to her extensive intensive care nursing background.
Tara can also be hired as on-set medic.
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The long awaited trailer for Dreamland, a recent Luxembourg-Canadian coproduction is finally here! I had so much fun working with the Canadian team (and course some of my favorite Luxembourgish film professionals) to make this film come to life. 

Keep posted for news on its Luxembourg premiere!

 The long awaited trailer for this fabulous thriller written and directed by Christian Neuman, costumes designed by his fabulous wife Virginia Ferreira, is finally out and it looks scary as fuck. I can't wait to see the results of this great project on the big screen. It was absolutely my favourite project as casting director yet - the sheer variety and originality of characters and scenes made my work, well busy and never boring, to say the least!  Bravo to the whole team!

 'The Racer', directed by the lovely and talented Kieron Walsh, is the latest feature film that I worked on as casting director, as well as extras coordinator and medical expert. I had the pleasure of casting roles here, and the hard task of finding great cyclists to play the members of the peleton in the cycling scenes. As we were filming during the period of 'Flèche du Sud' and 'Tour de Luxembourg', I had to expand my search to include half of Western Europe!! But in the end I found some great cyclists and it looked great - at least from the side of the road as I cheered them on! It's...

TDCC had a lot of fun working with SKIN on this beautiful project, a short promotional film created to celebrate the first Europe Day in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the first country to make Europe Day a national holiday, and we had an international cast and crew that reflected the beautiful multicultural nature of our tiny Duchy. As a brand new Luxembourgish (and EU) citizen myself, it was especially exciting for me to be part of this great project, then later to watch it go viral :)

Another good cause - SKIN Sàrl has produced another great campaign about littering, cast by TDCC. 

I had the joy of helping young singer/songwriter to find the right people for her music video recently. Ema Macara won last year's Screaming Fields song contest, and was awarded production for her first single called City Ties. Have a look at the results!

For  years I have been pouring my feelings onto paper. I never would share my - well I don't know if you would call them poems or just ramblings - but I decided on this bright and sunny Sunday, comfy in my flannel pyjamas in my sunny new apartment that daily fills me with peace and joy, that I will start now. 

In the spring of 2015, as I was weighing the pros and cons of leaving a man that I had moved all over the world for and bore three beautiful sons with, I wrote this little poem. I found it the other day while unpacking. I thought I had lost it and it had bothered me for a long...

After a year of prep with director Christian Neuman and Calach films, I had my last day of work today as casting director and extras coordinator on this project. It has been my favourite project to work on so far, with a lot of interesting characters to find and an amazing crew that I had the pleasure to work with!

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